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8442021031 or +18442021031

Gordon * commented 2021-04-26
This number does not know any decency rules, it is not ethical to call people at night, especially from an unfamiliar number


8442396641 or +18442396641

Mark * commented 2021-04-26
I received an e-mail asking me to call this number to receive some prize that I’m hearing about for the first time. I think this is scam.


8446103964 or +18446103964

Derwin * commented 2021-04-26
Strange calls that was disconnected when I answer


8556080858 or +18556080858

Josh * commented 2021-04-26
After I answered the call from this number, the silence on the other side of the line lasted more than a minute, then an automatic female voice sounded goodbye and hung up


8558010661 or +18558010661

Alex * commented 2021-04-26
Caller said something about donations, I think it's a scammer


3062616221 or +13062616221

Mary Smith commented 2021-04-25
This is a scammer


5874097514 or +15874097514

Sima commented 2021-04-25
+15874097514 Phone number is a bad and fraudster man


6042960220 or +16042960220

Hazel Higgins * commented 2021-04-25
I receive an SMS asking me to confirm my shipping credentials, otherwise my Amazon package will be returned. I am not expecting a package from Amazon. Obviously this is a scam


5583765566 or +15583765566

Leroy Backer * commented 2021-04-25
He's a scammer, sold me and installed a heater that didn't work. He didn't answer my phone calls


5149899418 or +15149899418

Derek * commented 2021-04-25
I have a couple of missed calls and I don’t know if this is the seller


8667948897 or +18667948897

Naomi * commented 2021-04-25
I just received a message from this number with a link to receive a parcel, which I did not order, it looks very bad


8558240656 or +18558240656

Frederick Harrison * commented 2021-04-25
I did get a call from this number, and they worked for some real estate company. I'm not sure if this company is aware of this kind of abuse by its employees.


4389235222 or +14389235222

Kimberley Campbell commented 2021-04-24
This number I believe is associated with a scam. I got message telling me that I had a return and to open it. I have no such return. BE AWARE!


3062209587 or +13062209587

Bryton cates commented 2021-04-24
Called claiming to be "house Cleaners" its a total scam to gain access to your house and knowledge of what your home looks like


6130910038 or +16130910038

Edileuza friciano dos santos silva commented 2021-04-24
They call on the ads, like a thrift store, ask for the card number and password from SMS to enter the mobile bank.


6475504640 or +16475504640

Dominic Webb * commented 2021-04-24
they call all day when I answer the silence, they already got it


9053387770 or +19053387770

Melvin Lewin * commented 2021-04-24
Bank scammers are calling


8888861924 or +18888861924

Faith Boolman * commented 2021-04-24
From this number, children indulge in, call unknown numbers and annoy people ...


8779956269 or +18779956269

Morris Rogers * commented 2021-04-24
This object advertises on sites selling various things, asks for an advance payment and brings nothing. Good enters into trust, be careful.


8779049154 or +18779049154

Bryan Shaw * commented 2021-04-24
I also got a call today