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6046656991 or +16046656991

Laura * commented 2021-05-09
I missed a call from this number. When I called back, the number was disconnected. Now I don’t know who it was.


6138451093 or +16138451093

Colton Cox * commented 2021-05-09
I am looking for the owner of a phone number. I need to know who it is.


6132124456 or +16132124456

Vanessa Palmer * commented 2021-05-09
They constantly call and are silent. Already tired, probably someone is indulging.


6049535020 or +16049535020

Marcel * commented 2021-05-09
An SMS came that I won a prize. This is a lie.


6048059297 or +16048059297

Adrian Owen * commented 2021-05-09
I want to know who called me. This number has not been recorded in any way.


2687852550 or +12687852550

Isaiah commented 2021-05-09
Fraud, identity theft


6472356565 or +16472356565

Riley Henderson * commented 2021-05-08
Scammers are calling under the pretext that I am a bank employee and a loan has been approved for you


6138899517 or +16138899517

Christina Perry * commented 2021-05-08
The scammer sells things on the internet. Requires prepayment for sending and no longer picks up the phone.


5878802141 or +15878802141

Morgan Williams * commented 2021-05-08
Scammers break accounts and try to open online banks


5876000229 or +15876000229

Taylor Fane * commented 2021-05-08
Caution! These are scammers, they work mainly on selling sites, do not be fooled by their "cool" offers, just block them.


6475030155 or +16475030155

Travis Gonzalez * commented 2021-05-08
Caution! Fraudster with CFH. Threw for money


2633351551 or +12633351551

Pam commented 2021-05-07
apparently it is michelle Stewart from newport loan Capital Group..She is a scam do not send her money


6477920101 or +16477920101

John commented 2021-05-07
Person From this number contacted me via text message after responding to an ad that I had on kijij They were asking for my phone number and my full name as well as my address. Not sure if this number is a phishing scam or not.


8198675625 or +18198675625

FRANCOISE commented 2021-05-07
its a recording; they say calling from some government office!!!!! concerning my social insurance number????? called twice in the same morning!! very annoying!!!!


6042000558 or +16042000558

Archie * commented 2021-05-07
I think it’s spam telemarketers calling from the call center


6042960213 or +16042960213

David * commented 2021-05-07
It is urgent to find the owner of this number to understand who threatens me by phone


6042966798 or +16042966798

Colby * commented 2021-05-07
Who are you and what do you need from me and my family?


6043421000 or +16043421000

Diana * commented 2021-05-07
This number called me when I was in the bathroom, it no longer called back. Who is it?


6475572370 or +16475572370

Satan Claus * commented 2021-05-07
There is 1 complaint about spam on this phone number. Some users have signed it as "Whirlpool Canada".


7872649684 or +17872649684

MB Italy commented 2021-05-07
Unwanted WhatsApp call